Another travel blog!  I travel with my husband throughout North Carolina and Tennessee where he works as a locum tenens emergency room doctor.  This is in addition to his full time job at the VA Medical Center.  It all came about after the tenth emergency room recruiter called two years ago.  We’ve been on the road several days a month ever since then.  And we have enjoyed traveling together.

So, my life right now:  drive to the next medical work site.  Move into a nice hotel.  Go to sleep on a comfortable bed.  Awake in the morning.  Drive hubby to the ER.  Return to the hotel.  Go down to breakfast.  My days are filled with exploration of new places and people, usually leaning toward my favorite arts and crafts.

This blog will be filled mostly with posts about my first impressions of places I go when my husband and I travel for his work as an emergency room doctor.  I will tell all about places I go and the lovely  (for the most part) people I meet.  Hopefully, this will be a barrel of pure fun!

A word about my title caption:  Zug, pronounced “zoog,” is a German word referring to things that move, such as trains.  It also refers to taking a drag off of a cigarette and/or taking a drink.  While I’m usually not traveling by train and I don’t smoke, I do like to sip a drink on occasion.  The word “zug” was an idea of my darling daughter who I will now credit for helping me to set up this blog!  It’s a cute word that adds to my fun.  As I said above, fun is what this blog is all about!


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